Top 17 Equity Crowdfunding Sites

17 Equity Crowdfunding Sites

While equity crowdfunding sites have been around for more than a decade, in the US they have only started to grow significantly since the federal regulations enabling “main street crowdfunding” were approved and put into practice towards the end of 2016.

It’s best to think of equity crowdfunding as yet another financing option for young growing businesses, rather than “the next big thing.” There are many options available, although not all options are available to all businesses.

US Equity Crowdfunding Sites for Young Businesses

The following list is sorted by the rank of web site popularity according to Alexa at the time this post was written. The rankings will be updated annually. We use this in place of a detailed analysis of the number of deals and how much money has been raised (although some of that information is in the table below), but it provides a rough look at how popular these sites are among investors and entrepreneurs.

We also note whether the site targets accredited investors only, and if there is a specialization. As with the rest of our site we are ignoring commercial real estate crowdfunding sites – not because real estate isn’t important, but because it is an entire specialty with its own set of rules, players and terminology.

Site web addresses are linked to the site name.

Equity Crowdfunding Site Accredited? Alexa Rank Raised Comments
Angelist Accredited 964 $660M total, $200K-$350K average Also “find startup jobs” feature
SeedInvest Both 16,882 $90M+ total average $660K “Highly vetted” offerings.
Start Engine 17,356 $35M+ total More than 50 diverse offerings live.
Wefunder 21,454 $50M+ Stock, revenue share fundraising options


Both 30,798 $85M+ Rank is for Microventures; Indiegogo is 1,097
Fundable Accredited 51,285 $374M “committed” Associated with
Crowdfunder 53,685 VC Index Fund.
Republic 57,439 Just starting. Built by Angelist alumni.
FundersClub Accredited 66,430 $94+ million invested, 260+ companies “Invest alongside top” VCs.
Mr. Crowd 102,167 Just starting. 1 offering.
EquityNet Accredited 109,592 Debt and equity. Founded 2005.
CircleUp 111,646 $390M, 255 companies Consumer brands focus.
NetCapital Funding 256,983 Early on but good set of listings.
NextGen Crowdfunding 284,711 150+ active campaigns.
GrowthFountain Capital 464,563 Just getting started. 11 active deals.
OneVest/1000 Angels 480,133 Alexas rank is; competing w/Angelist
Localstake 2,828,150 Local businesses, local investors

For more details about equity crowdfunding, check out this long post from Moneycrashers.

While 17 equity crowdfunding sites might seem like a lot, even more have registered with FINRA to provide securities fundraising. We counted another 19 on FINRA’s list that have at least beginning web sites that seem to be focused on businesses and equity, rather than debt, or real estate.


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