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Equity Term

Accredited investor

An accredited investor is a wealthy person who meets specific requirements set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) such that they can invest in your company with far fewer regulatory requirements on your...

Equity Term

Active Investor

An active investor plays some role in the ongoing business, in addition to investing cash into the business. It could be that they are an advisor to the company, either formally or informally. It could be that they sit...

Debt Term

Adjustable (rates)

The interest rate on debt is adjustable when it goes higher or lower based on either the general trend in interest rates or some other factor(s) related to the specific details of the debt. Adjustable Rate Mortgages...

Other Business Term

Advisory Board

Young companies with high aspirations often start with informal mentors, then add specialized advisors, and develop a more formal advisory board over time. Functionally an advisory board does everything that mentors and...

Bootstrapping Term


Agile is a philosophy and/or specific methodology of software development, and product development in general, that promotes incremental development and emphasizes adaptability and collaboration. Agile is relevant to...

Debt Term

Alternative finance

If regulated banks and capital markets (“Wall Street”) provide mainstream financing to businesses and individuals, everything else is “alternative finance.” Historically this has included such things as factoring...

Equity Term

Angel investor

An angel investor is an individual who provides cash, and sometimes assistance as well, to young companies run by people the angels don’t initially know well – that is, they aren’t “friends and family.” In the US they...

Grant Term


A formal request – an application – guides you to provide the specific information needed to determine if you qualify for and are the most competitive applicant to receive funding. Applications are used for virtually...

Grant Term

Applied Research

Some grants are given to conduct applied research in order to solve real world problems with new technology: treat diseases, reduce energy consumption, increase industrial efficiency, and so on. Applied research is...

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