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Basic Research

While most businesses don’t receive grants for basic research – they tend to go to universities or specialized research organizations – this is pure pursuit of knowledge for its own sake rather than to solve a problem.

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Brick and Mortar

A grant targeted to fund buildings – either new construction or renovation – would be a brick and mortar project. For example the US EDA (Economic Development Administration) funds a lot of brick and mortar...

Financial Term


(Financial) The budget is a financial statement that estimates and details the planned income and expenses for a particular period of time. In some contexts the budget is just the expense line items without any...

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Many grants have a specific deadline, the date and often the time of day by when an application must be submitted in order to qualify for a particular cycle of grant evaluations. Especially for highly competitive grants...

Grant Term


A funder in the grant context provides the grant money. Funders can be an organization such as a foundation, a government agency, a corporation or an individual. Often but not always the funder is the same as grantor –...

Grant Term

Funding cycle

Most types of financing organizations have some type of calendar you must fit your requests into, but grant making organizations often have a long funding cycle that you should learn about early on. Grant funding cycles...

Grant Term


A grant is money given to an organization or individual that does not need to be paid back. Often the money must be used to fund a specific activity or asset purchase, such as a research project or piece of research...

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Grant Writer

A professional grant writer is sometimes hired by companies or non-profits trying to apply successfully for grants that have complex or detailed applications. These professionals understand not only the best practices...

Grant Term


The grantor is the government agency, foundation, or individual that makes a grant through a well defined process. In the world of US federal grants, the grantor would be a particular type of user that has...

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