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Advisory Board

Young companies with high aspirations often start with informal mentors, then add specialized advisors, and develop a more formal advisory board over time. Functionally an advisory board does everything that mentors and...

Other Business Term


B2B stands for business to business, which means a business (maybe yours?) that sells its products or services to other businesses as opposed to consumers. Note that B2B refers to the final purchaser of the product or...

Other Business Term


B2C is short for business to consumer, which means a business that creates products or services intended to be purchased by individual consumers as opposed to businesses (which are B2B). Often a B2C company such as food...

Other Business Term

SMBs and SMEs

SMB is an acronym that stands for Small and Medium Businesses, and SME stands for Small and Medium Enterprises. These acronyms are used to describe a category of companies by size that are served by particular...

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