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Most types of financing organizations have some type of calendar you must fit your requests into, but grant making organizations often have a long funding cycle that you should learn about early on. Grant funding cycles can be monthly, quarterly, annually, or even longer.

Grant Funding Cycle Components

When you are considering a particular grant look for information about the following components of their calendar:

  • Announcement of grant availability, which may be requests for proposals on their web site, or formal government announcements
  • Application submission deadlines, which can sometimes be very soon after announcements!
  • Proposal reviews
  • Announcements of grant winners
  • Contract negotiation with winners
  • Final contract signing
  • Disbursement cycles – not all of the cash comes up front in many grants
  • Interim reporting cycles – depending on the length of the grant project interim reports may be required on a regular basis
  • Final report.

For most companies the two most important questions about the funding cycle are:

  • How often do they review new proposals?
  • How long is the process from proposal submission to decision making, and from decision making to initial funding?

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