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I’d like your help creating my podcast!

Most of you reading this in late 2017 are business friends and associates from Maine. A bunch of you have told me I should do a podcast: it’s how you like to consume content, it’s a fit with my performing and TV experience.

I’m ready to start, but I’d like your help, to make sure I’m helping you!

Podcast Concept

Independent Business Funding Coach will provide interviews with and assistance for real businesses with real funding issues.

In each show I’ll spend about 20 minutes having an initial conversation with a company owner:

  • Their personal background before the current business
  • What the business does now and their current status
  • The startup funding and launch story
  • Four-color funding and cash flow challenges and successes along the way
  • Top business money lesson learned so far
  • Current funding challenge they want help on
  • Initial Q&A about the funding challenge

Then, I’ll give a 5 minute tutorial on a topic related to the challenge.

Within a month or so, the show would then conclude with a 5 minute summary of how a previously interviewed company’s business funding challenge was addressed.

What Businesses Get

For participating businesses, I will offer $1,000 of my time over the month following the interview to help the company make progress on their business funding issue. That’s part one of the coaching.

In addition, the company will get a personalized guide to content on Four Colors of Money for Entrepreneurs that will help them get smarter and take action. Sometimes I’ll have to find or create needed content – that’ll be on top of the $1,000 of my time. That’s part two of the coaching.

In return, the company commits to doing up to two hours of work per week based on what I’m recommending, during the month after the interview.

Of course, I don’t have all the answers, so I will pull in other resources (people, blogs, books) as needed. And not all funding issues can get magically resolved, even in a month. These are real companies with real issues, and often the ultimate solution is many months in the making.

The coaching process would be documented in show notes, as part of the Four Colors of Money for Entrepreneurs blog. We’ll be careful not to reveal proprietary information about the companies, but the more real the information is, the better it is for listeners.

Would this be helpful to you? Something you’d want to listen to weekly? What might make it even more compelling for you?

Why “The Independent Business Funding Coach?”

Naming products is always challenging. Here are some of my issues:

  • Four Colors of Money for Entrepreneurs is too long a name. Yeah, I figured that out.
  • There are lots of untrustworthy “business funding coaches” and “advisors” and “mentors” who make fees sending naïve business owners to online digital loan sharks. I will be Independent of funding sources and, hopefully, not cast in the same light as the other business funding coaches.
  • iTunes podcast names can’t exceed 20 characters per line, so Independent Business [line 1] Funding Coach [line 2] will fit. Barely.

I also like the double entendre of “independent” applying to both me as a coach, and to the business. Did you get that? Or was it confusing?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide here, or by email, Facebook, or LinkedIn. You know where to find me!

Don Gooding

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