Money Is Only A Tool – Ayn Rand [meme]

Ayn Rand quote

Ayn Rand is an iconic and controversial writer. She used fiction to argue for capitalism and against socialism during the cold war. This “money is only a tool” quote is taken from Atlas Shrugged, her most widely read novel and according to Wikipedia it’s considered her magnum opus.

She was born (1905) and educated in Russia during the early days of communism. She emigrated to the US in 1926. Among her many accomplishments, she created a philosophy called Objectivism that is embodied in Atlas Shrugged. Future Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was among her followers. Libertarians and conservatives have been influenced by her writing.

Money Is Only A Tool – For Entrepreneurs

This quote is from a long speech about money (see the full speech here) in Atlas Shrugged. Most of the speech is a counter to the aphorism “money is the root of all evil.”

We include it here not to support or counter Objectivism. Instead, the context for entrepreneurs has to do with the “fix” of funding. Lots of entrepreneurs think that money – grants, debt, equity – will solve all of their problems.

It won’t.

Money is a tool to move your business forward, but how you use that funding depends entirely on you as the driver of the business. Plenty of company owners have successfully acquired funding, only to drive their business into a ditch.

Keep that in mind as you think about funding as part of the mix of things you need, and you need to do, to move your business forward.

Don Gooding

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