My 54 Greenlight Maine Episodes as Host and Lead Mentor [videos]

Greenlight Maine composite

I volunteered to host the first two seasons of television show Greenlight Maine for 2015-16 and 2016-17. I’ve described it as a “kinder, gentler Shark Tank” but I have to say that quietly and unofficially. The lawyers at the super popular television show don’t want people claiming any unwarranted association.

And there is no association with Sharks.

In all I was host and sometimes lead mentor on a total of 54 televised shows in Season One and Season Two.

In addition I was extremely active in recruiting 26 entrepreneurs per season, 39 judges per season, and 39 “anonymous mentors” per season.

I also played a big role in managing the off-camera competitions, both winnowing down applicants to the 26 on-air competitors, and narrowing down the 13 semi-finalist show winners to just 3 for the finals.

My Maine network was deep, and I’ve been involved with competitions since my a cappella days, so the show was a good fit for me.

The episodes come in three formats:

  • Two entrepreneurs pitching head to head
  • One winning entrepreneur gets help from three “mystery mentors”
  • The finals live before an audience with three entrepreneurs, one of whom walks away with $100,000.

These links skip over the musical introduction and the repeated yada yada at the beginning of each show.

Greenlight Maine Season One: Pitch Competitions

GLM 101: Good To Go vs. Bixby Bars

GLM 102: Double Blue Sports Analytics vs. Chimani

GLM 103: Odigo vs. Garbage to Garden

GLM 104: Mad Gabs vs. Hot Tubes

GLM 105: Casco Bay Butter vs. Finest Kind

GLM 106: CourseStorm vs. Revolution Research

GLM 107: Flowfold vs. Composimold

GLM 108: Cerahelix vs. Beltane Solar

GLM 109: MedRhythms vs. Rockstep Solutions

GLM 110: Rapport vs. Mingle Analytics

GLM 111: Gimme Shelter vs. Starc Systems

GLM 112: Team AR vs. Eagre Games

GLM 113: Blue Ox Malthouse vs. Northern Maine Distilling

Greenlight Maine Season One: Mentoring Sessions

GLM 114: Mentoring Team AR

GLM 115: Mentoring Good To Go

GLM 116: Mentoring Revolution Research

GLM 117: Mentoring Finest Kind

GLM 118: Mentoring Garbage to Garden

GLM 119: Mentoring Chimani

GLM 120: Mentoring Beltane Solar

GLM 121: Mentoring Starc Systems

GLM 122: Mentoring Northern Maine Distilling Company

GLM 123: Mentoring Mad Gabs

GLM 124: Mentoring Rapport

GLM 125: Mentoring MEDRhythms

GLM 126: Mentoring Composimold

Greenlight Maine Season One: Finale


It takes a long time to load these video images from Youtube, so Season Two is here.

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