My A Cappella Story: The Sing-Off Judge Audition [video]

My A Cappella Story Video

In 2009 I was pretty much finished with my 16+ years in the a cappella music business. But The Sing-Off was auditioning judges. And I thought… what the heck? Why not try out?

Here’s the video I put together to audition. Of course, I didn’t get in – some incredible, very famous and fabulous singers got in. No regrets!

In the video I talk about the founding of my business, some history of a cappella, my singing history from the diaper changing table through founding a group on Mount Desert Island, and one of my “big ideas” for a reality TV show.

Extreme Vocal Makeover: Revenge of the Tone Deaf would take ordinary people who can’t sing, but desperately want to sing, and teach them to sing… on pitch! You have to watch the video to see how the Yuba Method from Japan actually does that.

It’s amusing to see, many years later. I hope you enjoy!

Don Gooding

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