Funding Dictionary

Equity Term

Venture Capital

For the last fifty or so years venture capital in the US refers to investments in high potential return, high risk companies by professional organizations. Most commonly venture capital firms are private limited...

Debt Term

Credit Union

A credit union provides services similar to a bank, but is different in ownership: a credit union’s customers are also its owners. It is also “not-for-profit” in that any profit earned is used to help sustain and grow...

Equity Term

Angel investor

An angel investor is an individual who provides cash, and sometimes assistance as well, to young companies run by people the angels don’t initially know well – that is, they aren’t “friends and family.” In the US they...

Equity Term

Equity financing

A cycle of raising capital by selling new shares of a company is called an equity financing. Often there are new investors buying the new shares, often alongside existing investors if there are any. Thus the cycle of an...

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