Funding Dictionary

Bootstrapping Term


Agile is a philosophy and/or specific methodology of software development, and product development in general, that promotes incremental development and emphasizes adaptability and collaboration. Agile is relevant to...

Equity Term

Lead investor

Lead investor (often shortened to “lead” and used as a noun) is the individual or firm that negotiates the term sheet with the entrepreneur organizes (to a varying extent) the round of equity financing, and usually...

Debt Term

Credit score

The term credit score refers generally to a number that some company has calculated that is supposed to indicate how “credit worthy” an individual or business is – that is, how much they can borrow, how likely is it...

Financial Term

Use of proceeds

If you are applying for a loan or fundraising for equity you will need to describe your use of proceeds: how will you use the money? Funders will be looking for very specific descriptions that match categories on either...

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