Funding Dictionary

Debt Term


Legal documents associated with debt may refer to the borrower, which is the person or organization that is receiving the money and in return is taking on the responsibilities laid out in the documents. These...

Bootstrapping Term

Imitative Entrepreneur

Those who study entrepreneurs often set apart those companies who don’t innovate – create a new product or service that customers want – but rather imitate existing products and companies. To some extent all...

Equity Term


All types of financing have terms, which are the important nitty-gritty details that specify how the financing works for all parties. Understanding all of those details often takes hard work, but as the saying goes “the...

Other Business Term


B2B stands for business to business, which means a business (maybe yours?) that sells its products or services to other businesses as opposed to consumers. Note that B2B refers to the final purchaser of the product or...

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