Funding Dictionary

Bootstrapping Term


A freelancer works for different companies at different times, often on a project by project basis. Being a freelancer is one form of bootstrapping, in that you are generating income as your own solo business with very...

Grant Term

Principal investigator (PI)

A scientific research grant is managed by the Principal Investigator, or PI. In SBIR and STTR applications the PI often must be specified, and the choice of PI will influence the application’s likelihood of success. The...

Debt Term

Senior, Seniority

When many different sources of capital are involved in financing a company, some sources are senior to others, which means that if things go wrong and the company is in bankruptcy or sold at a low price, the senior...

Financial Term


Accounting is both the body of knowledge and the practice related to recording the many financial transactions of businesses and other organizations such as governments and non-profits. Accounting covers issues such as...

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