Profits Are Like Breathing

Profits are like breathing. You have to have them.

You have to have profits in your business, eventually, to make it sustainable.

Businessman Maurice Mascaranhas coined this phrase to highlight the essential nature of profits. But he defied conventional capitalist and economist thinking in his next breath. Do we really think that profits are what makes businesses worth doing every day?

While I can’t find anything about Maurice online, I wonder if he was an entrepreneur. For many entrepreneurs their business “WHY?” is not about maximizing profits. It’s about changing their world, or changing the whole world.

It’s about creating an environment they want to work in every day. It’s about providing jobs at good salaries. It’s about solving customers’ problems. It’s about doing things right when they’ve seen it done wrong.

And for many, it’s also about making a lot of money. Which often, but not always, includes making profits.

There are many reasons we do the slightly crazy things we do.

What’s your “WHY?”

Don Gooding

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