Understanding Term Sheets [video]

Understanding term sheets video

What’s the hardest thing for equity fundraising entrepreneurs to understand? Arguably it’s the term sheet that you see when you finally get to step 8 of the 12 Steps of Equity Fundraising.

The #1 solution to translating term sheets, and preparing to negotiate term sheets with investors, is a book called Venture Deals.

The following video we’ve created is a vastly simplified, and free, introduction to the legal lingo of term sheets. It’s an investment of 10 minutes.

You’ll learn what a term sheet is and why it exists. And you’ll get a brief, simple introduction to the 18 most important terms on a term sheet.

After watching this video, you may click over to Amazon to buy Venture Deals. Or you may go running away from equity funding. Either is ok! Term sheets are not simple documents but they are a major part of the equity fundraising learning curve.

Don Gooding

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