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Valuation of Early Stage Companies video

Valuation (video)

Valuation of early stage, pre-revenue, high potential companies is very tricky. It’s also mysterious for many entrepreneurs, as well as for those well-versed with classic MBA techniques for valuing much larger, later stage companies. This...

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Fintech Ethics Balance

The Fintech Ethics Battle

Fintech companies have an ethics challenge, both perceived and real. The Fintech ethics battle to be perceived as fair and ethical is playing out in the Wild West of online debt for small, young and disadvantaged businesses. We recently wrote about...

Terms Made Simple

Debt Term

Unsecured loan

An unsecured loan is a type of loan that does not require collateral to secure the loan – that is (for example) with an unsecured bank loan you don’t have to promise to give the bank your house if the loan is not repaid. Because an unsecured...

Debt Term

Credit history

Because of the importance of credit in the economy, in many countries there are companies that collect credit related transaction information about individuals, businesses or both. The accumulated series of these transactions is called the credit...

Equity Term


Equity has two meanings but we mostly talk about the first: an ownership interest in a company represented in a stock (a share), or a membership interest (in the case of an LLC), or some other security. The second meaning of equity is in...

Debt Term


Almost all types of debt charge one-time or recurring fees – additional expenses over and above interest rates – for their provision of cash or the ability to access cash. In many cases the bank or other debt provider makes the bulk of its profits...

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