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Profits are like breathing. You have to have them.

Profits Are Like Breathing

You have to have profits in your business, eventually, to make it sustainable. Businessman Maurice Mascaranhas coined this phrase to highlight the essential nature of profits. But he defied conventional capitalist and...

Terms Made Simple

Financial Term

Bad Debt

There are two meanings of the phrase bad debt. In financial terms, bad debt is a debt that has not been repaid according to agreement and is not recoverable. For example if a customer receives a product or service then...

Equity Term


The term securities refers to a broad array of documents that represent the financial obligation of an entity (typically a company but sometimes a partnership or trust) to the securities document owner. That obligation...

Equity Term

Liquidation preference

Liquidation preference is one of the key economic terms of preferred shares from venture capital firms and angel investors. The basic idea is that investors get paid first if the company is sold. Liquidation preference...

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