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Don Gooding's LL Bean boots

Whaddaya Mean, Bootstrapping?

Have you ever tried to pull yourself up by your bootstraps? Do your boots even have straps? Being a Mainer for the last 20 years, I of course own a well worn pair of LL Bean boots, and they do have a loop on the back that is a strap to help pulling...

Dilution Happens

Recently I sat down with an acquaintance who wanted to pick my brain about a startup opportunity that had just come his way. He has lots of technical expertise, and he had been working for a while for a very large corporation that had acquired the...

Terms Made Simple

bootstrapping term

Distressed asset

In the bootstrapping context a distressed asset is something your business might find useful and it is being sold by a business or person at a price well below its value, because they need immediate cash or they are being forced to sell because of...

equity term

Due diligence

Typically the longest and most grueling part of equity fundraising for entrepreneurs is due diligence, which is the data collection, investigation and analysis by potential investors of the company raising money. The older the company is and the...

debt term


When the source of debt financing actually pays you the money promised in a loan or other financing, that is disbursement. It’s good to check when disbursement actually will happen because sometimes it is at the time of the closing, but sometimes it...

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