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SBIR Funding

SBIR funding is about the closest you’ll ever get to “free government money” for your business… but of course it is far from free! For a number of decades the US federal government has operated a research set-aside for small...

Terms Made Simple

equity term

Convertible note or convertible debt

Sometimes a young, seed stage company wants to raise a relatively modest amount of money quickly and defer the question of valuation – how much the company is worth – in which case it may raise investment in the form of a convertible note, sometimes...

bootstrapping term


Many Silicon Valley startups famously started literally in the garage, meaning they were not paying rent for a fancy office at the very beginning of the company in order to preserve cash. In other places the equivalent would be the basement (what we...

Debt term

Alternative finance

If regulated banks and capital markets (“Wall Street”) provide mainstream financing to businesses and individuals, everything else is “alternative finance.” Historically this has included such things as factoring, equipment leasing, equity private...

bootstrapping term


Bootstrapping is the use of founder financial resources, clever techniques and reinvested profits to supply a young or growing company with needed cash without turning to Other People’s Money. For more details see “Whaddaya mean, Bootstrapping...

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