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Startup Sprint

Pause for Startup Sprint

As of this past Monday (9/17/18) I am pausing new posts and podcasts through the end of the year to see if a big startup idea is worth pursuing. The idea is curing the inability to sing on pitch – what most people...

Startup funding scams

Startup Funding Scams

When I told my daughter that I’d scheduled a Skype interview with a Nigerian entrepreneur, she had a predictable reaction: it’s probably a scam. Which made me think about how startup funding scams are all too frequent...

Story diversity startup funding

Story Diversity Needed In Startup Funding

My Facebook feed recently served up a 2014 TED talk by Nigerian novelist Chimamanda Adichie. She talks about “The danger of a single story.” In her case, it’s a single story that Americans hear about Africa. It leads to...

Series Seed in Name Only

Series Seed In Name Only?

I’ve just spent a day looking at different term sheets for seed investments – fun, huh? And I’ve “discovered” what many early stage investors know: that some investments that are called “Series Seed” are pretty close to...

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