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The Funding Coach

I’m hard at work on the MVP – Minimum Viable Product – for my planned podcast The Funding Coach. I’d appreciate your thoughts so that I can make sure it meets your needs!

The Funding Coach – Basic Concept

On The Funding Coach, I interview Real Businesses with Real Funding Challenges and provide Real Solutions.

The goal is to help entrepreneurs quickly find what’s their best next funding option to launch and grow their business.

A Season of The Funding Coach

Rather than a random walk through funding challenges, I am planning to organize episodes of The Funding Coach by the season, with 13 shows per season.

Each season will feature six entrepreneur interviews, and each interview will be followed in the next episode by a “learning session” in which I talk about the challenges each entrepreneur is facing, how common those challenges are, and how in general those challenges can be solved.

The season concludes with a show that follows up with each entrepreneur to tell the story of how it’s going. And since this is reality, of course not all of them will have succeeded.

The season progresses generally by stage of development, from early stage company interviews at the beginning, through to growth stage interviews at the end. The hope is that early stage companies listening to the podcast will see that funding challenges change over time, but for many companies they never really go away!

The Funding Coach Season One

In season one I’ll be releasing the first 6 shows on May 22, 2018 and the final 7 episodes will be released weekly after that. Then there will be a break until after Labor Day.

  1. Interview – Floor
  2. Topics for a College Pitch Competition Winner
  3. Interview – Eighteen Twenty
  4. Topics for a Young Debt Funded Small Business
  5. Interview – BFD Systems
  6. Topics for a Bootstrapped Company Thinking About Equity
  7. Interview – Rockstep Solutions
  8. Topics for a Cusp of Series A Company
  9. Interview – Green Clean Maine
  10. Topics for a Growing Small Business
  11. Interview – Later Stage Company tbd
  12. Topics for a Growth Stage Equity Backed Company
  13. Follow up on 6 companies

Enriching Through Show Notes

I will be following industry best practices by creating what are called “show notes” on this blog. These will include:

  • A brief summary of the company and its funding challenges
  • A time stamped summary of the most important parts of the show
  • Links to resources mentioned on the podcast
  • Links to Four Colors of Money posts and resources relevant to the funding challenges discussed

How You Can Help Me Help You

Like all entrepreneurs with a new product, I’d like to get customer feedback. Please add your thoughts below on these or other questions…

  1. Does this sound like a good investment of your podcast listening time? What’s the most appealing part?
  2. Does the idea of a season going from early stage to later stage appeal to you? If not, any other ideas?
  3. Would your company be interested in being interviewed and helped on the show?
  4. Would you like to hear from companies who have figured out funding issues, not just those in the middle of them?
  5. Are there other funding advisors you’d like to hear from, not just me?
  6. Any thoughts on how to get the word out when I launch?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you can provide!

Don Gooding

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